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Terms and Conditions of
Amber House Limited
(New Zealand registered company 5882260)
trading as:

AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™
Bed and Breakfast Guest House (B&B) in Nelson city centre, New Zealand

We're here to provide competitively priced, clean, comfortable and smoke-free accommodation for your holiday (or other temporary or transient purposes) better than that provided by hotels and motels in Nelson.
We're not here to unnecessarily restrict what our guests can and can't do.

Having said that, given the 'shared' nature of the services we provide, we need to ask the co-operation of all our guests to ensure the best experience for everyone. So long as you bear that in mind, and exercise common sense, you should be fine.

We do ask that you are familiar with our policies outlined below and considerate of others. Above all, we hope you enjoy your time with us!

Should I take the time to read all this tedious small print?

Legal documents can make for dry reading, but the one below really matters if you wish to have a harmonious stay.
So whether you are new to Amber House or one of our long-term or frequent guests, please take the time to get to know our policies and avoid any unintendedconsequences.

These terms and conditions may be amended in whole or in part by Amber House Limited at any time at its discretion. Amendments will be effective immediately upon posting of the amended terms and conditions on this Website. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with the latest terms and conditions.

  1. Absolutely NO SMOKING!
    If you are a smoker, you may not stay at Amber House.
    Also, and because of children, smoking is *not* allowed inside or outside of Amber House.
    If you flout this policy and do smoke within the curtilage of Amber House, then you will be charged appropriate cleaning and loss of income charges together with liquidate damages if an explosion [either of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or the children's parents] results.

  2. All our house guests may help themselves freely to Anzac biscuits, refrigerated water, Milo, coffee, milk and tea
    [we have a changing selection, so perhaps organic Castlereigh, Twinings Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling, Camomile, Lemon & Ginger, cranberry, raspberry & elderflower or caffeine-free herbal].

    Those guests who have paid the Balcony Suite or Blue Room tariffs may also help themselves freely to fruit juice [typically orange and apple but sometimes pineapple or boysenberry], at any time.

    Those guests who have paid the Balcony Suite or Blue Room tariffs may also help themselves to breakfast items [a choice of at least six to fill your bowl from cereals like ricepops, cornflakes, Weetbix, etc and two different mueslis], bread, honeys, Rose's Lime Marmalade, Rose's English Breakfast Marmalade, Rose's Sweet Orange Marmalade, Rose's Ginger Marmalade, butters [dairy and peanut], chutneys and Marmite in Amber House's guest dining room between 05:00hrs and 10:20hrs.
    Guests who have paid the Balcony Suite or Blue Room tariffs may also help themselves to FRUIT [depending on season we may have spray-free apples, oranges, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, strawberries, kiwi fruit and bananas], walnuts [we've the oldest English Walnut tree in the South Island] any time.
    All guests should eat and drink either our or their own food and beverages there in Amber House's guest dining room any time [but very quietly between 21:30hrs at night and before 07:30hrs in the morning] and not in bedrooms. A fridge and toaster for guests' use is also available in the dining room.
    Seifried wines are available to purchase.
    Please do not take our stuff away to your car nor eat in your bedroom.
    We can provide packed lunches, picnic hampers, evening meals, etc, on request.

  3. If you'd like a FREE COOKED BREAKFAST having paid the Balcony Suite or Blue Room tariffs at Amber House, please tell Mila exactly what you wish to eat and how you'd like it cooked the afternoon before and also agree the time between 07:58hrs and 09:20hrs that it be served.
    [Exception: guests that are either being collected by Wilsons Abel Tasman at 07:45hrs or who have booked boat transfers or trips with us may usually arrange to have the hot part of their breakfast on the dining room table at 07:32hrs]
    Mila knows Irish, Italian, Vizayan, Fukien and a little Spanish and Swiss cuisine but is eager and interested to learn new dishes.
    Guests who have not paid the Balcony Suite or Gold, Blue and Rose Room tariffs may avail of an uncooked breakfast for $8 per breakfast and a cooked breakfast, fruit and juice upon payment of an additional $17 per breakfast [reduced to $9 for guests who have paid the Green Room tariff [where an uncooked breakfast is already included].

  4. CHECK-IN is only by prior agreement - usually between 14:00 to 21:30hrs on the day of arrival;check-OUT time should typically be between 07:30 and 10:35hrs on the day of departure - other times by prior arrangement (if you wish to leave earlier than07:30hrs in the morning, please hand back your keys, etc., the previous evening).
    B&B's in New Zealand do not have desk clerks on duty round-the-clock to await your arrival, so it is vital that the family knows what time to expect you. We have daily family affairs to attend to, but will have re-arranged our schedule to accommodate your mutually agreed check-in time — so yourarrival time is extremely important! If this time changes either way by 21 minutes or more, please notify us as soon as you are aware of the change. Otherwise, weprobably won't be here to greet you.
    If your arrival time is unpredictable we can arrange to have your keys left in a key safe to the right of Amber House's front door.
    It's really important that you now send us the phone number of a mobile phone you will be carrying on the day you arrive [and keep it switched on] so we can update each other with any last minute developments. [You usually won't pay any international roaming charges to RECEIVE text/SMS messages in New Zealand even if your cell phone is registered overseas...]

  5. We very much prefer you to pay us in cash in full for any balance remaining in respect of your reservation when you arrive at Amber House and we complete the register and explain the fire and tsunami procedures. We do NOT have eftpos facilities!
    Upon arrival, there is also a fully refundable, cash deposit of $20 per set of room/house keys and this is refunded in cash when you return the keys.
    [VISA or MasterCard details are required to confirm a booking, but Amber House (as distinct from any agent chosen by the guest) usually does not debit cards prior to the agreed guest arrival date (except where an "Early Bird" discount has been chosen or booking details are incomplete and we do not have a NZ landline phone number to query or there is no reply).
    We ourselves will usually obtain pre-authorisation or merely hold card details pending guest arrival and with the cardholder's explicit agreement that the quoted card details used to confirm the booking will be passed to our agents to be debited to settle the account if there are any outstanding unpaid charges (eg: for phone calls, Wi-Fi, wine, damage or breakages) after the guest departure date that was originally booked or, in the event of cancellation, if a cancellation is made. In this event, and if no other form of payment is forthcoming, a card surcharge of 10% together with any administrative, recovery and collection charges will apply. You further agree that Amber House Limited shall have a general lien over all your goods and chattels brought within the curtilage of Amber House or under the physical control of Amber House Limited until all debts due to Amber House Limited are discharged.]
    All prices quoted by Amber House are for immediate cash settlement and include all applicable taxes, levies and service charges. Tipping is not common practice in New Zealand, "Thank you" is all that is expected - even for exceptional service. The overwhelming majority of our guests sensibly reserve their stay by giving us MasterCard or VISA details and then avoid the card surcharge of 10% levied by Amber House by paying in cash when they arrive.

  6. If you are given permission to bring a vehicle down Amber House's drive, there may be young children about so please observe the 7 km/h [4 mph] speed limit for motorised vehicles at Amber House!

  7. BICYCLES may be hired from Amber House for $20 per day upon a deposit of $200 depending on availability.
    You may request that your own bicycle, tandem, motorcycle, or kayak be put into our garage [at your own risk] depending on space available.

  8. For each CANCELLATION or change of date/room required there will always be an administration charge of $9 levied by Amber House [as distinct from your Agent - $20 for "Early Bird" bookings - see below].
    There will be no additional cancellation/date change fees levied by Amber House [as distinct from your Agent] if 31 days or more notice is given to Amber House and, if we can later replace the cancelled or changed booking, we may refund cancellation/date change fees (but NOT the administration charge) back to your card.
    These cancellation/date change fees will apply in addition to the administration charge:-
    10% of the original agreed payment will also still be required if only 14 to 30 days notice is given;
    30% payment if 6 to 13 days notice is given;
    50% payment if 3 to 12 days notice is given;
    70% payment if 1 to 2 days notice is given;
    85% payment if less than 24 hours notice is given.
    110% payment is contractually required if you simply don't show up within 2 hours of your advised arrival time without any prior notice to us at all
    [and without reasonable excuse - since we will be worried you've had an accident and may be phoning the police and hospitals and postponing our usual bed-time!]
    Cancellation/date change fees are different for our heavily discounted Early Bird and Long stay bookings - see below.
    The administration charge and cancellation/date change fees are payable immediately they are invoiced. If they remain unpaid after 24 hours then the delinquent guest(s)will be evicted.
    Cancellation policies are also specific to each Agent. If you did not book directly with Amber House and instead used an Agent to make the reservation and there is any conflict between our cancellation policies specified at (7) above and your Agent's, then your Agent's cancellation policies will apply if they are more restrictive.
    We strongly recommend guests take out travel insurance to protect themselves against any unexpected changes to their travel plans and we trust you will appreciate that our cancellation policies, as specified above, are more liberal than most New Zealand B&B's.

  9. An "Early Bird" discount of at least 3% and up to 10% (depending on how early in advance you book) may be claimed if
        (i) a reservation is made on-line at our own website more than 6 days in advance of the notified arrival time
        (ii) the appropriate box is checked to agree that the quoted card will be debited the full appropriate amount immediately and before your arrival at Amber House).
    Only ONE "Early Bird" discount may be claimed for each on-line reservation at our Website
    (it may be technically possible to appear to claim multiple cumulative discounts on our booking form, but only the largest, single, appropriate discount will actuallybe applied when the card is manually debited).
    For "Early Bird" bookings we will waive the usual 10% card surcharge and the card is debited immediately after the reservation is made on-line.
    For each CANCELLATION or change of date/room required with an "Early Bird" booking there will always be an administration charge of $20 levied by Amber House [as distinct from your Agent].
    For each CANCELLATION required for an "Early Bird" booking there will always also be a cancellation charge of 5% of the original agreed payment levied by Amber House [as distinct from your Agent].
    There will be no additional cancellation fees levied by Amber House [as distinct from your Agent] if 46 days or more notice is given to Amber House; we refund back to your card.
    The following cancellation fees will apply in addition to the cancellation charge of 5% and/or administration charge of $20:-
    5% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if only 31 to 45 days notice is given;
    10% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if only 14 to 30 days notice is given;
    25% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if only 6 to 13 days notice is given;
    45% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if only 3 to 12 days notice is given;
    65% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if only 1 to 2 days notice is given;
    80% of the original agreed payment will also still be required in addition if less than 24 hours notice is given;
    110% payment is contractually required if you simply don't show up within 2 hours of your advised arrival time without any prior notice to us at all
    [and without reasonable excuse - since we will be worried you've had an accident and may be phoning the police and hospitals and postponing our usual bed-time!]

  10. Visitors are permitted at the Amber family's discretion.
    There is a guest dining room and there are also tables and chairs on the front verandah adjoining the rose garden; we very much prefer that you eat and drink and entertain any visitors there rather than in your bedroom where ants may follow.
    The person that made the original booking is responsible - both financially and practically - for the behaviour of all the guest members of their party and visitors while they are at Amber House. No visitors are allowed in guest bedrooms between 21:30hrs and 08:00hrs unless they are duly registered as house guests. (If we ever have our first fire, or there is another huge earthquake or a tsunami is threatened, we will need to know exact numbers of occupants to make sure that everybody has been safely evacuated...)
    We charge according to the number of guests and not per room, so we regard persons that are found to have stayed overnight without being duly registered as having attempted to perpetrate a fraud. Consequently each unregistered overnight guest will be charged a fee of $110 per night.
  11. Usually there are no animals at Amber House.
    CHILDREN are charged the same as adults by Amber House if booking directly except that one or more infants still being breast-fed by their mother [who is a paying guest at Amber House] are neither charged nor listed in the booking.
    [Your Agent's policies may differ].
    If you've used 46 Weka Street as a mailing address, then you should set up a Mail Redirection before you leave since you agree that any mail addressed to you at 46 Weka Street after your departure from 46 Weka Street may be either thrown away or marked "Return to Sender - no forwarding address known" at Mila Amber's absolute discretion.
  12. We will STORE your BAGGAGE FREE [but at your risk, not ours] until you return to spend at least one more night with us [if you are visiting the Abel Tasman National Park or touring the South Island, perhaps].
  13. DAMAGE and the costs associated with inappropriate behaviour or deliberate or reckless acts or omissions will be charged for appropriately. Each invoice issued under this clause will include an administration charge of $9 and is payable immediately upon issue; should the invoice remain unpaid after 24 hours have elapsed, we will invoke clause 15 and summarily and immediately evict the guest and all their party.
    Amber House is fortunate to have tolerant and lovely neighbours. We are not a motel or party hostel and we make every effort to limit our noise impact on our neighbours - especially after 21:30hrs and before 07:30hrs and guests are expected to assist in this regard.
    You agree to hold us blameless for any problems outwith our direct control such as "acts of God" and/or "mother nature" such as (but not limited to) floods of blood and water, plagues of frogs, creeping things upon the earth, flies, cattle, boils, hail and thunder, locusts, darkness over the land of Egypt and the faults of others such as tsunamis and power outages and also to notify us of any issues or problems while at Amber House (rather than after you have already left) so that we have an opportunity to remedy the situation.
  14. We reserve the right to dishonour reservations made by third parties [persons natural or legal that are not actually staying at Amber House and not a member of the Amber family or an employee of Amber House Limited] if we subsequently discover that the actual guest(s) staying at Amber House is unaware of our policies, terms and conditions [as outlined on this website] because of the negligence of that third party. In this event we will continue to hold the original third party that reserved the accommodation responsible for all charges incurred, together with the recovery of costs associated with theinappropriate behaviour or deliberate or reckless acts or omissions of the guest(s) that the third party reserved accommodation for.
    We also reserve the right to dishonour reservations where we have not received satisfactory answers to pertinent questions[eg: statement address of card holder, time and method of arrival, mobile number, land line telephone, any special dietary or other requirements, etc] within a reasonable timescale.
    [In more than 100 years of taking in house guests, we have never had a theft by or from a guest at Amber House and we do require ALL guests to statetheir full name, residential address, etc, prior to arrival and to sight official photographic identification such as passport or driving licence at check-in to help maintain this record.]
  15. If any of these terms and conditions are breached (and, in particular, clauses 1, 2, 6, 10, 13 and 14), then we reserve the fundamental right of immediate eviction. If we choose to exercise this right, the contracted price for the full length of the stay is still due and payable and no refunds will begiven.

  16. Long stay (42 days or more) or homestay guests (such as NMIT students and Nelson College scholars) may avail of substantial discounts in off-peak seasons in return for living en famille and helping the family with small household chores. Those in Nelson to improve their English should make every effort to engage in conversation with both the Amber family and our Bed and Breakfast guests.
    Contact the Amber family directly to negotiate weekly (rather than our usual daily) rates.

    If you are on the "independent catering" tariff, then we do not provide free of charge any food or consumables whatever (with the exception of water, salt and pepper). For the avoidance of doubt, you will need to provide your own spices, oil and all consumables such as kitchen roll, paper napkins, clingfilm and all cleaning materials and supplies. It will also be your responsibilty to leave the kitchen(s) and dining area(s) clean and tidy after you have finished.

    We make every effort to comply with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 in providing a safe study environment in homestay accommodation that is in acceptable condition and meeting all regulatory and legislative requirements; consequently, no more than 4 international students at a time are accommodated.

    Naturally we prefer for the whole payment for a long stay to be made either in advance or upon arrival; however, we recognise that a large lump sum payment maybe difficult for some guests. We will, therefore, instead accept automatic weekly bank credits in advance providing that a minimum performance bond of at least the equivalent of two weeks is paid before the long stay reservation commences (to lock in your booked dates and heavily discounted rate).
    Then, on the day you arrive for your long stay at Amber House, you need to start making weekly payments regularly as clockwork each week. You must always keep your payments up to date and an absolute minimum of one week in advance once the long stay has commenced. Failure to adhere to this rule will mean your substantial long stay discount is lost, you forfeit your performance bond and we immediately start charging you our normal nightly rate instead (typically one half of the super-discounted weekly long stay rate for just one night) !
    The performance bond will be held until the conclusion of the stay and then returned (without interest and within 7 days) to a nominated bank account (and not in cash) only if you have complied with all our terms and conditions. If any invoiced amounts remain unpaid after their due date for payment or at the conclusion of the stay, all or some of the performance bond may be used to pay them and the amount of the bond diminished or extinguished appropriately.

    If the long stay or homestay includes meals, no credit will be given for missed meals (except where an absence of at least 7 days is agreed in advance, when acredit of $10 per day will be credited to the long stay account.
    Once the dates of a long stay have been agreed, for each CANCELLATION or change of date/room required there will always be an administration charge of $9 levied.
    There will be no additional cancellation/date change fees levied by Amber House if 31 days or more notice is given to Amber House; we refund back to your bank account and NOT in cash.
    The following cancellation/date change fees will usually apply in addition to the administration charge of $9:-
    7% of the original agreed total payment if only 14 to 30 days notice is given;
    8% of the originally agreed total payment if only 6 to 13 days notice is given;
    10% of the original agreed total payment if only 3 to 12 days notice is given;
    13% of the original agreed total payment if only 1 to 2 days notice is given;
    16% of the originally agreed total payment if less than 24 hours notice is given;

    All long stay guests will be given a daily FREE allowance of at least one and a half Gigabyte (1.5GB) of optical fibre Wi-Fi and may borrow a separate cordless phone by arrangement to make FREE short calls overseas to landlines in more than 75 territories:-
    Andorra, Argentina, Australia (& mobiles), Austria (& mobiles), Bangladesh (& mobiles), Belgium (& mobiles), Bermuda (& mobiles), Brazil (& mobiles), Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada (& mobiles), Chile (& mobiles), China (& mobiles), Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic (& mobiles), Denmark (& mobiles), Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland (& mobiles), France (& mobiles), Germany (& mobiles), Gibraltar, Greece (& mobiles), Guadeloupe, Guam (& mobiles), Guernsey, Hong Kong (& mobiles), Hungary, Iceland, India (& mobiles), Indonesia (& mobiles), Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy (& mobiles), Israel, Japan, Jersey, Latvia (& mobiles), Lithuania (& mobiles), Luxembourg, Malaysia,Malta (& mobiles), Martinique, Mexico (& mobiles), Morocco, Netherlands (& mobiles),
    New Zealand (use the direct dial phone in your room or, to call a New Zealand mobile, speak to Anne or Mila and ask to use their personal mobile to make the call),
    Nigeria (& mobiles), Norway (& mobiles), Peru, Poland (& mobiles), Portugal (& mobiles), Puerto Rico (& mobiles), Romania, Russia, San Marino, Singapore (& mobiles), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain (& mobiles), Sweden (& mobiles), Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand (& mobiles), Turkey, United Kingdom (& mobiles), United States (& mobiles), US Virgin Islands (& mobiles), Vatican City (& mobiles) and Venezuela.

    Many New Zealand homes are poorly insulated and heated. However, all bedrooms at Amber House are double glazed and have powerful Daikin heat pumps that, even on the coldest winter morning, will bring the bedroom temperature to 20°C in less than 3 minutes. Our Daikin heat pumps automatically adjust the temperature and volume of the air they pump out to quickly achieve the bedroom temperature that has been set on the remote control. Consequently, heat pumps should not be left running overnight (after 22:30 and before 07:30) or when you are in bed or absent from your bedroom and should certainly never be set to a temperature greater than 22°C. If you feel cold at a winter room temperature of 22°C, then youeither need to put on more clothes or consult a physician for a health check-up. Extra duvets are available if you feel cold once in bed.
    Unfortunately, the deeply discounted tariff offered to long stay guests does not provide sufficient margin to allow long stay guests to help themselves freely to Anzac biscuits, milk and fruit juice at any time but guests paying the full NMIT tariff can help themselves freely to hot drinks such as tea and coffee and, after instruction, use their own detergent in our front loading automatic washing machine without charge.

  17. We are NOT a boarding house and don't ever offer residential tenancies subject to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and our residential licences are exempt under the provisions of section 5 (1), paragraphs (h), (k), (m), (n) at least. LOT 1 DP 12146 is owned freehold by the Scottish company of Elite Telecomms Ltd under Certificate of Title 7B/699. However, the two storey Amber House continues to be used principally as a place of residence by M. Amber and by other members of her family while the part rented to Amber House Limited provides temporary or transient accommodation for paying guests.
  18. All long stay (42 days or more) or homestay guests are never assigned exclusive rights to occupy particular sleeping quarters but instead are accommodated on an "Our Choice" basis. ("Our Choice" is where you let us pick your specific bedroom in Amber House - and you are prepared to move bedrooms during the course of a stay of more than one night. You'll probably get lucky and bag an air conditioned and en-suite "Our Choice" Room since ALL our bedrooms have individually controlled Daikin air-conditioning/heat pumps and are double glazed for insulation and sound-proofing. In each and every case the WC, shower and handbasin is private to you. Typically TWO beds.
    Unlike a tenancy (where you have the right to exclude the world and his uncle from entering leased accommodation and where you have exclusive rights of occupation andcan exclude from entry all those who do not have specific authorisation from a court), all our licences explicitly permit us to enter rooms at any time for necessary purposes such as cleaning, making repairs, closing windows, switching off heat pumps and other appliances, maintenance, emergencies, etc, etc. Of course we'll always knock (increasingly loudly) before we enter but if there is no response and the room door is locked, we will use our pass key.
    If you are not making a long stay (42 days or more) or homestay booking and are booking a specific room, we immediately block out and stop any further reservations being taken for that room for the dates of your requested booking. However, it sometimes happens that a guest that is already staying in the room you booked needs to extend their stay at short notice (because of injury or a cancelled flight, for example). In this contingency we will upgrade you to a more expensive room at no extra charge or, if a better room is not available, accommodate you in a cheaper rooom at a discounted price. In more than 100 years Amber House has never had to turn away a guest entirely but by making a booking, whether in person or online, you do accept that you are making a request to stay and that, in the circumstances just described, if your requested room is not available and you do not wish to be accommodated in alternative accommodation, your only remedy and redress is cancellation of your booking at no charge and a refund of any monies already paid.
  19. AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™ is a trademark and is used under licence by Amber House Limited [and other licensees].
    By writing in our guestbook (either physically at Amber House or in the on-line version at ) you agree to assign the copyright in your writings there to Adam Amber. New Zealand intellectual property law protects your rights to both be attributed as the author and to object to derogatory treatment of your comments. Usually we partially anonymise your name and correct any typos when we publish these comments on our own website and elsewhere - so please tell us if you do NOT want anonymisation and/or typographical corrections!
    Amber House is a small family business and is not registered for GST and does not charge GST.
    Thousands of lower income households, unlike MPs and other well-off New Zealand residents, do not employ accountants to alert them to changes in tax law. Please note that, because of the sneaky and underhand way that the New Zealand tax department have failed utterly to publicise this unpublicised change that will wreck the budgets of thousands of lower income households and mean they unwittingly fail to file tax returns in time, Amber House Limited will not have the Balcony Suite nor the Green, Blue, Gold or Pineapple rooms at Amber House available for short-term stays during the tax year beginning 1 April 2019 and ending 31 March 2020.

  20. E&OE: this summary of our explicit policies, terms and conditions must be read with the proviso that any errors and omissions are to be excepted, there are other terms implied by both law and common sense and that the version current and published at
                                                                         supersedes and replaces any older and/or differing version.
    Consequently, you should always force a hard browser cache refresh when reading theseterms and conditions so that you are not reading outdated terms and conditions!
    By submitting a reservation request or by visiting Amber House, you are agreeing to all these Terms and Conditions and that New Zealand law appliesand irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand courts for the determination of any disputes that may arise.

AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

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