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[One of the things that is holding us up is sourcing a suitable STATIC map of New Zealand that we can use without paying big royalties (since the Wikimapia dynamic hybrid satellite view and streetplan displayed at our Location page is not printable).
Anybody that has any ideas in this regard or has other suggestions about what sort of features they wish to see on our forthcoming brochure page is very welcome to e-mail me at this disguised e-mail address:
with their suggestions.]

Until we do finish most of the coding (and the printable Brochure), we will continue to use this page to post the current version details of this website and the details of the most recent changes. New stuff is added at the beginning of the following text:

Revision 37f, 10th March 2007: added StatCounter, to all pages, mothballed site meter, archived web coding changes to code.html, added printable map to brochure, added Arabic machine translation to reservations.html, added separate availability/reservations page "reservations.html", changed font characteristics in CSS to allow re-sizing in IE and to comply with accessibility and other W3C recommendations, introduced dynamic demand-led pricing, localised most images, continued splitting website into multiple pages to try and boost Google rankings, moved visitor tracker to end of first page, cloned room calendars to reduce server access and speed loading, extended top navigation menu, completed validation by "HTML Validator", continued adding historic photo thumbnails, began translation of flags hover-text, added links, made ordering and case changes to allow non-compliant browsers such as IE to load, replaced non-UNICODE characters, Changed DOCTYPE from XHTML 1.1 to HTML 4.01 Transitional for reasons explained here; added Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan flags for machine translation into traditional chinese characters and a note on consolidating bookings, mothballed Holiday Guide, Accuweather, Babelfish and then added CSS compliant logo, swapped tricolour for Quebec flag to annoy the Metropolitan french and added Dutch, Greek and Russian translation, sections re-ordered, Wikimapia corrected; currency convertor moved to last position to attempt to fix IE6 crashes; tracker code corrected to load in same window rather than spawn another; still many XHTML and HTML mixed syntax and deprecated useage remains. This website started construction on 24 January 2007 and there is still much to do...

"All browsers have CSS bugs, and IE leads the pack in this area, but that is not the end of the story. Microsoft has seen fit to engineer their browser to deliberately violate the standards in several critical ways. It might just be a mis-guided attempt to "make it simple" for newbie coders, or it might be a cynical ploy to crush the competition, but in any case it creates huge headaches for those of us who desire to employ CSS positioning on our pages."

The "Sunflower" Amber House website now validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional. We will try now to steadily reduce deprecated elements and attempt to keep the liquid design while ensuring that it smoothly fits the limited available screen width available on 3G mobile (or cellular) 'phones.

If you like the theme, submit your comments to Kumiko here:

AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

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