B and B in Nelson. (Bed and Breakfast or B & B) accommodation in Nelson, New Zealand: budget tourist lodging guest house with BB plan accommodations

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AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™
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Green Room

photo of the double-glazed Green Room on the ground floor at the west side of Amber House showing the TWO Queen Beds so up to four can be accommodated with a delicious breakfast included in the price!The Green Room is popular with those on a very tight budget sincethis room's price has not been increased for THIRTEEN (13) years!

We've been able to screw prices down by including only a cold, help-yourself breakfast in the Green Room's tariff and not bundling in a cooked breakfast and by not including air conditioning in the tariff. We have now installed a Daikin, floor-mounted air-conditioning unit but many people choose not to pay the extra $8 a day charge outside of winter to use it in Nelson's pleasant climate. (When the weather is cold, we do not charge extrato use it in heating mode.)

We change the sheets every 3 or 4 days of your stay (or if you have an accident) but we don't make up the Green Room daily for you and expect you to hang the towels we provide out to dry on the rotary dryer in the back garden in return for a very keen price.

Even though it's our smallest, budget room, the Green Room is neither small nor spartan. It has fitted carpet, a large desk with chair, mirror, small wall closet to hang your clothes and a chest of drawers with two bedside reading lamps. A Daikin heat pump and extra duvet will keep you warm in colder weather.The Green Room is equipped with a cordless, direct dial phone allowing FREE short calls to any landline in New Zealand, alarm clock radio, hairdryer, chess set, LCD flat screen HD colour TV with Blu-ray player, MP3 playback and a small digital safe for valuables.

VERY IMPORTANT: The large, German made, "tilt and turn" window in the West wall of the Green Room cost more than $8000 to install (it isdouble glazed with argon in the gap and coated with 2 molecules of Gold to reduce infra red emissions) and needs special care when opening or closing.
Please ensure that all of the window is completely and entirely seated in the window frame before you attempt to rotate the handle to the down position to lock it. If you feel any resistance to rotating the handle - STOP immediately before you damage the precision mechanism. If you ignore this instruction and carelessly damage our window, you will be charged appropriately!

The Green Room has a large, green, en suite shower cubicle next to the closet built into the old chimney space. Both the interior lighting and the extractor fan are controlled by the same switch just to the left of the shower cubicle's door hinge; after switching off, the fan will continue to run on a timer for 10 minutes.

The wash hand basin is in the North-East corner of the bedroom and has a large mirror directly above it. The centrally located plug pops up and down with light hand pressure to seal the waste. Above the mirror is a strip light with Australian/NZ, British, European [240 volts] and USA [110 volts] type shaver sockets.

The Green Room has two Queen sized beds so up to four can be accommodated. Full argon-gap double glazing with low emissivity glass and comfortable beds ensure a tranquil night.

802.11g and 802.11b Wi-Fi access to the fastest optical fibre internet connection in Nelson includes 500MB FREE of charge each night (more available for a small extra charge).

The Green Room is double-glazed for peaceful nights and located on the ground floor at the West side of Amber House - so it is a bright and sunny room most afternoons in Nelson.

Help yourself to an uncooked continental breakfast in the adjacent Guest Dining Room any time between 05:00 and 10:20hrs each morning - it's included in our Green Room prices!
[If you pay $9 extra per person per day, we will cook your chosen hot breakfast for you and you can then also help yourself to fruit from the bowl and fruitjuices.]

Complimentary hot or cold drinks and ANZAC biscuits are also available free of charge in the adjacent guest Dining Room at any time.

photo of the Green Room's  en-suite shower cubicle.
Photos Copyright 2012: Alexander Bernold,Interior and Architectural Photography

photo of the Green Room's WC compartment.The Green Room has its own small but convenient private WC located under the stairs directly opposite the Green Room's bedroom door.

29 local and terrestrial digital television channels of which three are currently transmitted in high definition to the large LCD TV.

This large LCD High Definition TV will also show your movies, play your music MP3 files and display your photos (up to a maximum size of 15,360 x 8,640pixels) when you connect your portable drive to the USB connector at the right hand side and then select "MEDIA.P" on this flat screen TV's remote controller.
A small safe, with a combination you can set yourself, is provided for your valuables within the hanging closet inside the old chimney space. There is also an alarm clock radio and the hairdryer and chess set isin the first drawer of the large work desk.

Electrical Sockets

The Green Room has two 230 volt, 10 amp, RCD protected, australasian style, electric outlets available above the desk and to the left of the TV for your laptop, phone charger, etc - so we ask you not to disturb any existing electrical arrangements that you find already in place. (An additional service fee may be payable if you disconnect or switch off - even temporarily - our phone system, alarm clock, TV, etc.)

There is also one low current (Maximum 20VA) SWITCHABLE 230/110 volt European/USA style shaver socket located in the light fitting above the mirror in the wash hand basin corner behind the bedroom door. The voltage switch is underneath this tube light fitting.

A normal power, earthed adaptor for European, British square 3pin and flat pin USA style plugs is also available on request. Please note, if you borrow thisadaptor, that it does NOT convert voltage from New Zealand's standard 230 volts so it should NOT be used on equipment designed only to take 110 volts!



We do also offer room service.

Room service is available at a moderate extra charge payable to the cook in cash when she arrives with your meal. Panasonic cordless phone at Amber House Bed and Breakfast accommodations in the Nelson-Tasman region of the South Island of New ZealandGreen Room guests can also order (for a moderate charge) other meals and snacks prepared and served at their convenience.

Rather than ringing the "School Bell"if you need us and we're not visible, please instead phone us free of charge using either the cordless phone in your room or the handset that is outside and just to the right (when standing outside) of Amber House'sfront door.

[Dial 539 0605 (no need to use the South Island area code of 03) to initiate a free local call and your call will be automatically diverted free of charge to the family's cellular (or mobile) number of +64-21-202 4961.]

Please visit this page for information on our call charges...

We'll try and respect your privacy and will try and come into your rooms to empty the waste-paper basket, etc while you are out during the day - unless, of course, you tell us not to.


Our Quirks

It would be a good idea to hang your towels out to dry on the rotary drying frame in the back garden first thing in the morning as the sunny Nelson climate usually ensures they'll be bone dry within a couple of hours.
[Kiwis value their "clean and green" image so we also ask that you turn off your lights, TV, stereo and heatpump when you go out.
Please do NOT switch off our computer or then we'll have to go and get George to enter several different Broadband passwords...]

We'll probably take both towels and your washing back to your room if you forget... Ask us for beach towels if that's where you're going.

We don't usually turn down beds unless you are physically handicapped and will change the bed linen every 3 or 4 days.
If you do have an accident and need bed linen changing earlier, don't hesitate to say!

We don't allow guests to use our front loading automatic washing machine as the various dials and buttons can be complicated to explain to guests and theywould not be covered by our insurance. If you do need more than just a few items washed with our own load, we charge similar prices to a service wash in a launderette: $7 per washing machine load.
You'll need to hang your items on the rotary washing line and take them down again yourself unless you bribe us with winsome words and pleasing smiles or recipes (grin). We charge $5 per hour (or part) of dryer time if you need to be wasteful and use our electric dryer rather than the rotary clothes line.

We keep the biscuit jar well stocked in the guests' dining room so just help yourself. In summer you can also steal a few strawberries and cherry tomatoes in the back garden on the way back from bringing in your towels or washing... We don't do ironing unless you're going to a wedding or special occasion (20 dollars per hour or part) but can provide you with a steam iron and board and mending materials.

"...The real plus on the service side, is that you will be staying with hosts who really know their neighborhood and can give you the best independent advice about places to eat, shop and visit, unlike hotel staff who don't always live locally and don't know about these things or perhaps get some kind of kick-back for referrals. Wouldn't it be great having your own local source of up-to-the-minute insider information about what's going on? Your hosts can give you useful nuggets of information, such as the many delightful specialty shops...(and) help you make the most of your trip, when time is at a premium..."

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AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

Amber House is a member of the Canada Bed and Breakfast Hosts Association and is rated 'Platinum Maple Leaf' one hundred per cent new zealand logo Gold Member of New Zealand Tourism Guide

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