Since 9 January 2014 until 31 April 2016, Amber House was managed by Abel Tasman Lodge Limited.
This changed on 1 April 2016 and Amber House is now under the new, professional management of Amber House Limited.

At Amber House, as in New Zealand generally, we speak English but also have some French, German, Spanish, Māori and Fukien Chinese.

Amber House
46 Weka Street
Nelson 7010
New Zealand

Please do not 'phone or e-mail us just to ask:
"Have you got availability on such and such a date?"
You can see exactly which rooms are booked for which dates (and see exactly what we can see) in real time by just looking
at our rooom availability calendars in the left hand margin of each of our web pages.

Any other questions that aren't answered on this website: please feel free to contact us, but please pay attention to our timezone if you 'phone...

In Nelson, it is now: Vodafone: +64-21-202-4961
   European Fax Server: +44-70 05 96 34 37                International Dialling Instructions

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If you can't find the answer by reading this website and using the search facility above, then we will try both to answer your question(s) immediately and then, later, add another section or page to our website to rectify the omission:

     Mail at AmberHouse dot info