AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

Will sponsor good Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Hosts in New Zealand for membership of CBBH

Printable location map of Nelson Kiwi/Canada Bed & Breakfast Hosts is the best information network for Canadian & New Zealand BB Owners!

Membership is normally CAD$25 to join, from now until the end of the calendar year.
Renewals are CAD$20 a year, due January 1st of each year.
Membership includes a photo of your BB on, your fair description and a Google juicing, hypertext link to your BB's website and admission to the private, members-only support and chat forums.

However, if you will agree to:

  1. participate in the CBBH on-line forums at least once per month during your year of FREE membership
  2. place on your website at least the anchor text for CBBH members visible in the middle of this page here (between the text "The Canadian Bed and Breakfast Guide " and the text "AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™ is rated "Gold" by Canada and New Zealand BB Hosts") and subject to any changes I agree in advance so as to meet your own format and standards.
    NB: It is NOT desirable to make this CBBH member linking page a unique page on your site. In fact, it is better to include it on an EXISTING page of links to other services, attractions, etc., already on your site.
    The page on which these CBBH links appear, must be directly accessible from your home ("index" or "default") page.
    The links may NOT be on a framed page. Nor are .php or .asp or other automatically generated pages acceptable. Only a basic HTML page
  3. complete and return to me this CBBH "Maple Leaf" speadsheet so your BB can be graded for its amenities
  4. subsequently display prominently the appropriate CBBH Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Maple Leaf on your website
then I, George Amber, will sponsor you for membership and you will get this 2009 membership year FREE OF CHARGE!

Naturally you will also have to meet the usual CBBH standards for membership, too.

Canadian and Kiwi Hosts joined forces 2 years ago.

It's a long story. You'll have to join to find out everything. In brief, there once was CBBH and KBBH, separate sisters, but they merged. Just know that, despite their obvious Canada focus, if you are from New Zealand, you are as welcome to join as any Canadian! And there is a special forum for Kiwis to participate in, as well. Please do!

The Hosts of Amber House: Adam and Anne Amber of Amber House Limited are both New Zealanders born and raised in Nelson - with an Irish / Maori / Pacific Island / Scots heritage since other members of the family were born outwith Nelson.
Your prospective CBBH sponsor: George Amber, their Father, who is now retired. Direct line 021-202 4960

We have all been round the world many times and we'd love to give you some insider tips to promote your B & B in Canada, New Zealand and the rest of the World!

European Fax Server: +44-70 05 96 34 37
Vodafone: +64-21-202-4960
Mail at AmberHouse dot info

AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

Amber House is a member of the Canada Bed and Breakfast Hosts 
Association and is rated 'Gold Maple Leaf' one hundred per cent new zealand logo New Zealand Tourism Online Gold Membership

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