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DAMAGE and indications of the costs associated with inappropriate behaviour or deliberate or reckless acts or omissions typically levied by Amber House Limited (New Zealand registered company 5882260) trading as: AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™ Bed and Breakfast Guest House (B&B) in Nelson city centre, New Zealand under the provisions of "clause 13" of their terms and conditions:

We're here to provide competitively priced, clean, comfortable and smoke-free accommodation.
We're not here to unnecessarily restrict what our guests can and can't do.
Having said that, given the 'shared' nature of the services we provide, we need to ask the co-operation of all our guests to ensure the best experience for everyone. So long as you bear that in mind, and exercise common sense, you should be fine and not be charged any additional costs.
We do ask that you are familiar with our policies outlined on this website and considerate of others. Above all, we hope you enjoy your time with us!

Should I take the time to read all this tedious small print?

Legal documents can make for dry reading, but the one below really matters if you don't wish to incur unexpected charges or suffer financial loss and wish to have a harmonious stay.
So, whether you are new to Amber House or one of our long-term or frequent guests, please take the time to get to know our policies and avoid any unintended consequences.

These cost indications may be amended in whole or in part by Amber House Limited at any time at its discretion. Amendments will be effective immediately upon posting of the amendedments and additions on this website. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with the latest terms and conditions.

Due to staff holidays and other family commitments, during the period from 1 December 2017 to 14 February 2018 inclusive, the accommodation business will be operated by and bookings taken by A City Homestay, a business wholly independent of and distinct from Amber House Limited. Any reservations taken for this period of 1 December 2017 to 14 February 2018 inclusive and any stay during the same period will be with A City Homestay, and NOT with Amber House Limited and, where appropriate, any reference to Amber House Limited in these terms and conditions should be interpreted as referring to A City Homestay, and NOT to Amber House Limited.

Each time an invoice is issued under the provisions of "clause 13" of Amber House's terms and conditions, there will always be an administration charge of $9 levied by Amber House. Invoices issued under the provisions of "clause 13" are payable immediately. If a "clause 13 invoice" remain unpaid after 24 hours then the delinquent guest(s) will be evicted and the contracted price for the full length of the stay is still due and payable but their booking will be cancelled without refund or recompense.

  1. Defiance of the NO SMOKING prohibition:
    If you are a smoker, you may not stay at Amber House. If you have lied to us and deceived us in this regard, we may simply cancel your booking without refund or recompense.
    If you or any member of your party or visitors are caught smoking outside of Amber House but within the curtilage of Amber House, then you will be charged a minimum of $43 towards defraying our loss of income and reputation. If an explosion [of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)] results from your deliberate misbehaviour then you may have to pay thousands of dollars.
    If you or any member of your party or visitors smoke within Amber House, then you will be charged a minimum of $97 towards defraying our additional cleansing and loss of income charges.

  2. We're glad to provide packed lunches, picnic hampers, evening meals, etc, on request but if you just steal our food and drink from the guest dining room and take it away or to your vehicle then we will charge you for the stolen and/or spoilt stuff and may also report the theft to the police. We are also likely to cancel your booking without refund or recompense.
    If you eat in your bedroom then the cost of calling pest control experts to deal with the resulting insect (eg: ant) infestation is likely to exceed $174.

  3. Coffee, tea and wine spillages on bedroom carpets typically cost $273 per square metre or part to remove. If the staining is irremovable and the whole fitted carpet needs to be replaced, then the cost of re-carpeting the bedroom, less a discount of 20% for each complete year that has elapsed since the bedroom was re-carpeted, will be charged.

  4. New Zealand health and safety legislation requires us to maintain a safe workplace for our employees. Amber House has a 'primary duty of care' not just to our employees but for the health and safety of other people at risk including customers, visitors, or the general public. If you flout a reasonable instruction by an officer or employee of Amber House Ltd or their contractors then you will be charged for the consequences together with $23 per hour or part for additional monitoring and/or supervision. You may also face prosecution in the criminal courts of New Zealand. If reasonable instructions continue to be ignored or flouted, then you will be evicted and your booking cancelled without refund or recompense.

  5. [superceded]

  6. Crockery and glassware breakages: Mugs $7, Teacups $6, Saucers $5, Side plates $7, Dinner plates $9, Bowls $8, Tumblers $2.60, Champagne flutes $14, Crystal cut goblets $76, Short stemmed wine glasses $9, Long stemmed wine glasses $10.60,

  7. We strongly recommend guests take out travel insurance to protect themselves against any unexpected charges.

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  9. Many New Zealand homes are poorly insulated and heated. However, all bedrooms at Amber House are double glazed and have powerful Daikin heat pumps that, even on the coldest winter morning, will bring the bedroom temperature to 20°C in less than 3 minutes. Our Daikin heat pumps automatically adjust the temperature and volume of the air they pump out to quickly achieve the bedroom temperature that has been set on the remote control. Consequently, heat pumps should not be left running overnight (after 22:30 and before 07:30) in winter or when you are in bed in winter or absent from your bedroom and should certainly never be set to a temperature greater than 22°C in winter. If you feel cold at a winter room temperature of 22°C, then you either need to put on more clothes or consult a physician for a health check-up. Extra duvets are available if you feel cold once in bed. Just ask.
    Electricity charges in New Zealand have risen at a rate greatly exceeding inflation in recent years and now exceed 40c/Kwh. In the quarterly survey of domestic electricity prices to 15 May 2015, compiled by the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, Dunedin had the cheapest retail electricity rates (at 24.2c per Kilowatt hour) while Balclutha had the most expensive (38.9c/Kwh).
    Please don't be silly and wasteful and leave open windows or doors while the heat pumps are in operation (either in cooling or heating modes).
    No charge or invoice will be raised the first time we have to remind guests of the above instructions.
    Each subsequent infraction will be charged at 50 cents per hour or part.

  10. Visitors are permitted at the Amber family's discretion.
    There is a guest dining room and there are also tables and chairs on the front verandah adjoining the rose garden; we very much prefer that you eat and drink and entertain any visitors there rather than in your bedroom where ants may follow.
    The person that made the original booking is responsible - both financially and practically - for the behaviour of all the guest members of their party and visitors while they are at Amber House. No visitors are allowed in guest bedrooms between 21:30hrs and 08:00hrs unless they are duly registered as house guests. (If we ever have our first fire, or there is another huge earthquake or a tsunami is threatened, we will need to know exact numbers of occupants to make sure that everybody has been safely evacuated...)
    We charge according to the number of guests and not per room, so we regard persons that are found to have stayed overnight without being duly registered as having attempted to perpetrate a fraud. Each unregistered overnight guest will be charged a fee of $110 per night.

  11. [Superceded, since usually there are no animals at Amber House.]

  12. Lost keys:Bedroom $14 (there is not just the cost of cutting a replacement key but also the travel and labour costs of renewal). Front door $210 (since the barrel has to be replaced and then 18 new keys cut - although we do get a discounted rate for multiple copies of the same key).
    Safe Deposit lock-out: we will have to call an expert to open the safe and the minimum call out fee during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 16:30) is $80.00. Outside of those hours, it may be impossible to find an expert to open the safe at all or an out-of-hours charge of $160.00 may be payable!

  13. Amber House is fortunate to have tolerant and lovely neighbours. We are not a motel or party hostel and we make every effort to limit our noise impact on our neighbours - especially after 21:30hrs and before 07:30hrs and guests are expected to assist in this regard.
    Staff are not usually paid to be on duty after 21:30hrs and before 07:30hrs. If excessive noise is generated after 21:30hrs and before 22:30hrs or after 06:30hrs and before 07:30hrs a charge of $27 for each noise abatement visit is likely to be levied. After 22:30hrs and before 23:30hrs a charge of $54 for each noise abatement visit will be levied. After 23:30hrs and before 06:30hrs a charge of $81 for each noise abatement visit will be levied.

  14. We reserve the right to dishonour reservations made by third parties [persons natural or legal that are not actually staying at Amber House and not a member of the Amber family or an employee of Amber House Limited] if we subsequently discover that the actual guest(s) staying at Amber House is unaware of our policies, terms and conditions [as outlined on this website] because of the negligence of that third party. In this event we will continue to hold the original third party that reserved the accommodation responsible for all charges incurred, together with the recovery of costs associated with the inappropriate behaviour or deliberate or reckless acts or omissions of the guest(s) that the third party reserved accommodation for.
    We also reserve the right to dishonour reservations where we have not received satisfactory answers to pertinent questions [eg: VISA or MasterCard number, expiry date, CSC, statement address of card holder, time and method of arrival, mobile number, land line telephone, any special dietary or other requirements, etc] within a reasonable timescale. If a guest refuses or delays to provide relevant personal information and/or identification, the delinquent guest(s) will be evicted and the contracted price for the full length of the stay is still due and payable but their booking will be cancelled without refund or recompense.
    [In more than 100 years of taking in house guests, we have never had a theft by or from a guest at Amber House and we do require ALL guests to state their full name, residential address, etc, prior to arrival and to sight official photographic identification such as passport or driving licence at check-in to help maintain this record.]

  15. For flagrant and/or egregious and/or repeated and/or dangerous breaches of our terms, conditions and policies, we reserve the fundamental right of immediate eviction. If we choose to exercise this right, the contracted price for the full length of the stay is still due and payable and no refunds will be given.

AMBER HOUSE - at the centre!™

 guest(s) arriving  and staying night(s)

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